Artist & illustrator

Welcome to my portfolio! :)

I’m Dashienova, a young, autistic freelance artist from England. I am also non-binary, and use they/them pronouns :).

My favourite topics to paint revolve around bright colours, nature, fantasy, pleasing aesthetics and composition. The majority of my subjects are women, as they’re fun to draw.

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Traditional Art

Digital Art

Tarot Cards

This is the Awakening Tarot Deck, that Spirit Sanctuary and I collaborated on. There are 44 cards in total, including the Major Arcana and Action Cards. All of them are watercolour paintings.

below is some of the cards, plus the back of the cards. (Click to view full images)
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Some logos I have designed. The first and last logos were both for clients (there is also my process sheet for the first). The moon logo is my logo, and the Shinx logo (blue character) was just for practice.
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